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Posts tagged: patriarchy

Calling all Movers and Shakers…

A Women’s March on Washington hasn’t been done since April, 2004.

The time to activate is now. Let’s take the Second Wave’s baton and race toward equality in our own, Third Wave way.

I spent three hours networking with seasoned Second Wavers at a Planned Parenthood event last night. They agree: the time to strike is now.

We are currently building our grassroots coalition. Our beginnings are in Florida, a state notorious for legislating against women. (We’re the state where legislator Scott Randolph was reprimanded for using the word “Uterus” in the House of Representatives).  We need activists, we need organizers, we need thinkers, dreamers, movers and shakers. We need you.

We must be organized. We must be bold. We must define our generation. Unite!

Drop us a line at

Websites up next week.

Ready to Occupy Feminism?

Completely outraged and feeling helpless to the patriarchy?

Feel like you’re full of fight but can’t find a place to unite?

Join Occupy Feminism, a group born of necessity to redefine our generation’s feminist movement.

We are not formally associated with Occupy Wallstreet, but inspired by the power of their grassroots organizing.

Follow us, engage with us, unite with us, fight with us, triumph with us.